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Pinewood Derby Racing - Dedicated to the famous Cub Scout tradition — Pinewood Derby Car Racing. Our members offer tips on race car design,

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Pinewood Derby Racing

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Dedicated to the famous Cub Scout tradition — Pinewood Derby Car Racing. Our members offer tips on race car design, hints on racing and construction, competition formats, rules and Pinewoood Derby action pictures.

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The Worlds Least Expensive Pinewood Derby Timer
Schematics, pictures and free software to time a pinewood derby using a PC. Other timers I found were quite expensive, $160 per lane and up. That seemed to pricy to me. My timer cost about $25 total for three lanes, the most expensive component being the lane sensors at about $3 each.
Build a Winning Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Car
16 valuable steps to winning a pinewood derby
Pinewood Derby Mania - A Cultural Phenomonon
Want to build a fast car, or maybe one with a killer design? Need a track, timer, or other supplies? Are you organizing a Derby and don't know where to start with committees, rules, and other organizational challenges? Well, you are in the right place! The PINEWOOD MANIA website is THE premiere place to go for Derby planners, and car builders too! It contains mega-ton
Free Pinewood derby race software
Race Track is an open source project aimed at packs that don't have the money to buy software for their races. Race Track is available for free to anyone including the source code. Come check it out.
Kub Kar Racing Pages - 15th Strathcona
Canadian Pack's "Kub Kar" page featuring background, rules, and suggestions for "alternate" activities on rally day. Now including information on Scout 18 Wheeler races.

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Pinewood Derby Racing

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